We make supplementing your diet a delicious and pleasant experience creating tasteful and healthy food supplements.

Nutrifundiet is formed by the pioneer team of gummy supplement development in spain


Special products to provide you with that extra energy you need. Enriched with amino acids and vitamins.

Mix of fast assimilating and slow absorbing carbohydrates, Contains practically no fat or fiber, so they are digested very easily.

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After a long experience developing nutraceutical and functional products for other companies, we created Nutrifundiet to be able to follow our work philosophy and dedicate the deserved attention both to the quality of the product and to our customers.We have our own production plant where we control all the manufacturing phases , from R + D + I in our laboratory, production, packaging and quality control, which allows us to certify the quality standards of each product at all times.

Innovation is a constant in our work, we try to anticipate consumer needs by creating new products with the latest technological advances. We use natural ingredients to make allergen-free, sugar-free, vegan supplements ... All of this so that health and enjoyment go hand in hand.

Our lines of work:

We work in 4 main lines. Our variety of products for different needs.

Health: The most appealing way to take care of your health. Vitamins, minerals and natural substances in gummy form to take care of you in the most indulgent way. The current pace of life sometimes makes it difficult to take care of a correct diet and supplements ensure the necessary supply of nutrients. We have formulations with probiotics, melatonin and natural substances to help us in different situations.

Kids: Our Kids line is intended for the smallest of the house, in the growth stage it is especially important to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Gummies are the most fun way to supplement the diet due to their taste, texture and ease of ingestion. From now on it will be your children who will remind you when to take their supplements.

Sport: Those who play sports know the importance of food in performance. We study each formulation to offer the necessary nutrients and amino acids during physical exercise without neglecting taste and texture.Our ability to innovate by creating ideal products without added sugars and easy to swallow has led us to create a new category within the range of energy bars.

Beauty: Nutrition has a great effect on many aspects of beauty. Take care of yourself from within so that everyone will notice.

CMO (contract Manufacturing):

We offer you the possibility to increase your portfolio with the best gummy supplements.


We have our own formulations which we provide successfully to reference brands in each sector.


Our goal as manufacturer is to develop and offer new products that will help our customers to reach their objectives, for example differentiating from competition.

Versatility, innovation and compromise make Nutrifundiet a consolidated partner.


You can contact us through our form, or by calling Tel. 635 344 683. You can also write to us at the following email address info@nutrifundiet.com

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